Posted by wollay, 7/2/2013 3:52:23 PM
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Server Issues

Due to server issues we had to temporarily disable the shop.

The shop will remain closed until all issues are resolved.

In the meanwhile you can download and run our Cube World Mini Demo to test if Cube World will run on your system.

It's basically just a starting screen with a rotating landscape in the background. If it runs smoothly and you can see the logo and the text below it, your PC is ready for Cube World.

On many PCs where the demo doesn't start, it helps to install the latest DirectX End-User Runtime:

Some computers have an Intel/on-board video card and a dedicated video card. To make sure your computer can run Cube World smoothly, right-click the Demo/Game and hover over "Run with graphics processor" if it is there to make sure you run it off a dedicated GPU if you have one.

If the Demo is not running, the full Cube World version won't run on your PC.

  • Especially laptops with integrated Intel graphics chips are not well supported.
  • On some computers the text is not visible.
  • On some computers there are issues with low resolutions.

If you have trouble with the demo, please wait with buying Cube World until we have found a solution or you have found another PC on which it's running.

We're currently fixing our download/update system. We don't have an ETA for it yet. Thanks for your understanding, we're doing our best.

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