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Weapon Skills: Warrior

I'm currently preparing overviews of weapons and skills available to each class, and I'd like to start with the warrior. The warrior can use three types of weapons:

  • Greatweapons (greatswords, greatmaces, greataxes)
  • One-handed weapons (swords, maces, axes)
  • Shield + one-handed weapon

Each of these three weapon types changes normal attacks (left mouse button) and special attacks (right mouse button). Normal warrior attacks are combo attacks, i.e. subsequent attacks are different. Also, when you hit an enemy, the next attack is much faster.


When you attack your enemy with a normal attack, the first attack is a forward slam.

The subsequent attack is a quick jab attack.

The third combo is a backward swing. It has a chance to stun enemies.

The special attack is a charged slam. It can be charged by holding the right mouse button and also has a chance to stun enemies. Guardians can block attacks during charging by holding the weapon sidewards in front of them.

One-handed weapons

The first normal attack is a right swing...

... followed by a quick offhand swing.

The special attack is a charged swirl. The warrior performs a fast spin and hits nearby enemies four times in a row. Guardians can block attacks by crossing the weapons in front of them during charging.


The first normal attack is a shield bash.

The second normal attack is a stab attack.

The special attack is a charged block. During charging, attacks can be blocked. When the right mouse button is released, a spinning slash is performed which attacks and stuns enemies in front of the warrior. Guardians have a longer blocking interval.

I'm planning to post more about the other classes soon.

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