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All About Missions

Weapon and armor rating

Before I start with the mission, I should make sure that my gear rating is high enough. It's visible in the character stats window on the very left of the screen. Being fully equipped with items of normal rarity, both my weapon rating and armor rating are 100%. This value is okay for a mission, but of course higher values would make it easier.

Finding a mission

Lets's travel to a mission. It's marked on the world map with two crossed swords. The mission difficulty is adapted to the highest player level in the current land, on the current day. Missions are generated daily. So when you're finished you can spend the night in an inn and get a set of fresh missions.

Preparing for a mission

It's vital to have enough life potions when doing missions. You can craft them from flasks and heartflowers. Flasks can be bought in item shops.

The mission boss

Currently, each mission involves defeating a boss. I'm thinking about adding more goals in the future. In this canyon, I have to defeat an angry dwarf woman.


A key to defeating a boss is dodging. When you dodge, you're immune against attacks for 0.6 seconds. It costs stamina. Rogues and rangers have lots of stamina regeneration on their equipment, so they're the best dodgers. Warriors have lots of armor, and mages have a mana shield to avoid damage.

Mission Complete

Defeating the boss completes the mission. The boss itself drops random, quite good items. From the mission you get much XP, a random item for your class, and platinum coins.

Platinum coins

With platinum coins gained from missions, you can visit the mission master. He is in the center of each city, in a big tower. Here you can spend your platinum coins to upgrade your weapons or armor to your current level. This can be done only once for each item. So, if you find a really good item which is lower than your level, you can adapt it to your level.

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New Frogman Avatars, RSS Feed and More

Pixxie has just added a bunch of Frogman avatars. You can change your avatar in the Home section of your account.

I've added an RSS news feed for this blog. The RSS button is on the top left of each post. Maybe you need to refresh the site to see it. If there are problems with RSS, just let me know.

P.S.: We've been featured on Kotaku again! Here is the article:

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Weapon Skills: Warrior

I'm currently preparing overviews of weapons and skills available to each class, and I'd like to start with the warrior. The warrior can use three types of weapons:

  • Greatweapons (greatswords, greatmaces, greataxes)
  • One-handed weapons (swords, maces, axes)
  • Shield + one-handed weapon

Each of these three weapon types changes normal attacks (left mouse button) and special attacks (right mouse button). Normal warrior attacks are combo attacks, i.e. subsequent attacks are different. Also, when you hit an enemy, the next attack is much faster.


When you attack your enemy with a normal attack, the first attack is a forward slam.

The subsequent attack is a quick jab attack.

The third combo is a backward swing. It has a chance to stun enemies.

The special attack is a charged slam. It can be charged by holding the right mouse button and also has a chance to stun enemies. Guardians can block attacks during charging by holding the weapon sidewards in front of them.

One-handed weapons

The first normal attack is a right swing...

... followed by a quick offhand swing.

The special attack is a charged swirl. The warrior performs a fast spin and hits nearby enemies four times in a row. Guardians can block attacks by crossing the weapons in front of them during charging.


The first normal attack is a shield bash.

The second normal attack is a stab attack.

The special attack is a charged block. During charging, attacks can be blocked. When the right mouse button is released, a spinning slash is performed which attacks and stuns enemies in front of the warrior. Guardians have a longer blocking interval.

I'm planning to post more about the other classes soon.

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Welcome to the new homepage

Welcome to our new homepage!

There's plenty of information about Cube World here.

The front page is planned as a development and news blog for Cube World and other things, like our graphics tool Plasma.

You need to create an account to post comments. You can also choose your own Cube World avatar. You need to provide a valid email address because accounts require email activation. Please check also your spam folders.

We have also added tons of new screenshots to the media section.

If you encounter any problems, errors or bugs, or have suggestions, please tell us. Our mail addresses can be found in the about section.

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